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If you are anything like I was a few years ago, you've got serious skills and you aren't always (if ever!) getting paid for them. You see others in the industry doing amazing things, but you have no idea what to do, or even where to start.

You would love to have clients lined up to pay you (in advance), double or triple your rates to do work you really love, but you are stuck. There are lots of gurus out there promising amazing results, but you aren't sure if they would really work for you, or for the accounting industry.

And because of that...

  • You aren't sure where to start or what your dream consulting business might look like. For years, you've been encouraged to become a "trusted advisor" to stay relevant. But what does that mean, and how does one actually DO it? You wonder if you even really do know enough to be a consultant.
  • You feel burned out by deadlines, being at the mercy of your client's schedule and managing employees. You love what you do, but you feel like your expertise is under-rated and underpaid. You are either at it on your own, or struggling to outsource and manage all the work.
  • You know you need marketing, specifically online marketing, but the information out there is overwhelming and your previous efforts at marketing have fallen flat. You are an accountant, not a marketing expert and you are busy. You need effective marketing that doesn't take up all of your time or break the bank.
  • You know you need to charge more, but you aren't sure how to make that transition, or how to communicate your value. Even though intellectually you KNOW you are worth it, there's insecurity deep down, and you aren't sure how to communicate your value to potential clients.


The Evolved Accountant Academy

6-week program runs Oct 3rd - Nov 7th

The sole mission of the Evolved Accountant Academy is to teach you how to create and market a sustainable, thriving, high paid virtual consultancy practice based on your specific expertise.

If you are anything like I was a few years ago, you've got serious skills and you aren't always (if ever!) getting paid for them. You see others in the industry doing amazing things, but you have no idea what to do, or even where to start.

You would love to have clients lined up to pay you (in advance), double or triple your rates to do work you really love, but you are stuck. There are lots of gurus out there promising amazing results, but you aren't sure if they would really work for you, or for the accounting industry.

And because of that...

This is a Coaching AND Implementation program


You may be struggling to translate your expertise into something marketable, and something that you love. You may even have doubts about whether you really know enough to be a consultant.

This program will help you discover where you fit in and how to leverage your specific skills as a high paid accounting consultant. Not just what to do, but how to package and position yourself for success.


Digital marketing is required for any business, online or offline in the 21st century. But, there is so much going on out there, it's challenging to know what really works in this industry. You may have dabbled and found it a time consuming and costly experiment.

In this program, I will teach you what really works. I've not only dabbled, but spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours figuring it out. Surprisingly, what really works is not overly time-consuming, complicated or particularly costly.


Most accounting practices rely mainly on referrals to get clients, which is pretty darn effortless - you're just doing great work. Consulting is a different story. You need a lot more clients coming your way and you need to earn their confidence and trust before any personal contact. You need them to choose YOU from the million other resources available.

This program will teach you not only how to attract a steady stream of potential clients, but also how to WOW them before they even meet you in person, and how to close the sale - often without even a one on one conversation.

Throughout this 6-week program, I'll guide you through a step-by-step process of discovery and implementation that will keep you engaged and focused. You'll learn how to package and market yourself as a high paid consultant like a pro. Here's how I'll do that:

Weekly Live Virtual Mastermind Sessions

We'll meet every week to review the previous week's assignment and review what's next. I'll answer your questions, perform live demonstrations, and you'll get valuable feedback from myself and your peers. My pilot program students found this one of the most enjoyable and valuable parts of the program.

Weekly Worksheet Assignments

Each week, you'll know exactly what you need to do next to move your business forward. These fun worksheets will guide you through a dynamic process of discovery and assist you in developing a successful implementation and transition plan for your exciting new practice.

Private Facebook Group

Join past and current members in this exclusive Facebook group. This is the perfect forum to get anytime support from myself and your peers. Post any question, get feedback on your work and ideas, share your successes and get help when you run into a roadblock.

The Evolved Accountant Master Plan

You know nothing worth doing is going to happen overnight, and you need a PLAN. The Evolved Accountant Master Plan is an Excel workbook where you put everything you have learned into an actionable, do-able implementation plan.

One on One Time with Me

There may be areas you feel stuck and need a little more help. Every Evolved Accountant will get an hour of one on one time with me to help guide you through any area you feel you need it most, during the program or after.

Online Learning Hub

Here's where you can access all of your training materials 24/7, including recordings of our live Mastermind sessions.

Is the Evolved Accountant Academy For You?

The Evolved Accountant Academy is for a small group of seriously committed Bookkeepers and Accountants only. To succeed in this program you must agree to the following:

  • I have a level of expertise and enough experience to provide a high-value service to potential clients. I may doubt myself and times, but I know my stuff and I am not currently getting paid what I'm worth.
  • I understand that getting results takes results takes time and action on my part. I know that nothing worth doing is going to happen without my effort. I agree to participate 100% in this program and stay on course in order to get these results.
  • I understand that I need to invest in the proper tools to grow my business and I agree that I have, or will invest in the software platforms I need in order to execute the strategies in this program. Some examples include:
  • Automated email marketing platforms
  • Website
  • Shopping cart and/or payment gateway
  • Automated Scheduling programs
  • I understand that this program is an implementation program (not a "learn and then do") and therefore I need a minimum of 1-2 hours per week to attend the live sessions and an additional 3-5 hours per week to implement the strategies.
  • I understand that, although I may start getting clients and increase my rates immediately, this is not a "get rich quick" program. I know it takes time and effort to build a sustainable, successful practice, and it's going to take a lot longer than 6 weeks to realize a full-time successful consulting practice - up to 2 years depending upon the time I have available to devote to implementation. I am committed to following the plan I develop in the program even after the initial training is complete.***

Here's the thing....

I'd love to be your partner in creating a business that brings you joy and offers you more flexibility, freedom and prosperity. How am I qualified to help?

7-week program runs May 24-July 12

With little more than spunk and ingenuity, I spent over ten years building a successful accounting practice. I loved the work, and at first, the flexibility it offered to me as a parent. But, with my practice in full swing, I found that between managing employees and the business, I was feeling pretty burned out. Even more unsettling, I wasn't able to devote as much time as I liked doing what I loved OR making money. I knew I had more to offer my clients than data entry and filing quarterlies, but I struggled with exactly how I could offer them the most value and how to communicate it.

Thus began a time-consuming and costly journey - several years of researching and learning, hiring business and marketing coaches, attending webinars, and live events. I tried many things that didn't work and some with mediocre results, but I didn't give up. I saw many of my colleagues succeeding as consultants and I SO wanted to become that "trusted advisor" to my clients. I just KNEW there was a place for me.

Then, as it happens, the culmination of all I learned suddenly clicked.

At this point I can honestly say that I LOVE my business and the work that I do. I love the flexibility that it allows me to, for instance, take a work-free 2+ week vacation with my family to Thailand in MARCH. Although there was an up-front investment of time and effort, I spend almost nothing on advertising or marketing, but enjoy a steady stream of clients lined up to pay me rates triple what I used to charge for bookkeeping. I don't have any letters after my name, but I have all the expertise I need to bring tremendous value to my clients and their appreciation feels amazing.

Then, about a year ago, something interesting happened - many of my colleagues were asking ME for advice about how to leverage their expertise, how to get clients, and how to market their services. When I attempted to answer their inquiries in simple terms, I realized it was impossible to help them in short antidotes. That's when something else clicked. I found myself creating the Evolved Accountant Academy! It, too, has been a tremendous investment, but much more a labor of love. At the end of 2016, the program was ready (but the marketing was not), and I quickly assembled a small group of accountants willing and able to walk through a pilot program with me - providing me with valuable positive feedback. I'm now excited to open the program up to you.

Here's what a couple of my pilot program students had to say:

Penny Giron

"This was a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. It forced me to start taking action on all of the ideas I had "for later", helped me determine the proper tools and plans of What I liked best about The Evolved Accountant Academy was hearing feedback and bouncing ideas off of others. Being held accountable to actually take action, feeling invested in everyone's progress and cheering them on."

Theresa Conway

"Penny has great attributes as an instructor. Her most important attribute is
her interest in others and her commitment to help them succeed."

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